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Not Too Late…

by Teri

It’s a promise. You’ve not gone too far, sinned too much, blown it beyond repair. It all starts with humbling ourselves to recognize we don’t have it all together…

Pray it – don’t say it.

by Teri

I don’t know about you – but I’ve been on both sides of this. There’s been times when someone I know is going through something tough and before I know it, I’m promising to say a prayer for them. On the flip side, I have had my share of tough situations and have asked others…

DEEP waters

by Teri

Hi Guys- DEEP waters is going to be found on the blog page on (and also on our Facebook page.)  I’m gonna challenge you to go DEEP!  The questions will be thought provoking and I’d really appreciate your comments, thoughts and feedback on any given topic.  After all, everything about Waterfall is there just…

They Just Don’t Get It… (Or is it just me?)

by Teri

I wish there was a way I could bypass all the struggling to find just the right words and instead just transfer my thoughts directly into some one else’s brain.  Just think of all the misunderstandings it would alleviate.  Instantly gone would be all those stupid fights over pretty much nothing. Friendships would be saved.…

When the Pain of Loss is all You Can See…

by Teri

This is a story of bravery, pain and loss.  It is also a story of joy, family, hope and love.  Watch Judson’s precious story here.  For more, please visit

Black Plus White Equals Gray

by Teri

Have you ever had a hard time deciding if something was good or bad? Right or Wrong? Black or White? We all have this moral compass inside that governs us and helps us process and sort the “good” from the “bad.”   We know it’s “good” to eat our vegetables and it’s “bad” to eat…

Sand On Your Toes Not In Your Eyes

by Teri
sandytoes12031502_153888344957091_5472682768393907427_o (1)

My little grandson is 17 months at the time of this post.  He’s a little bundle of busy curiosity and I can hardly keep up.  Today,  I scooped him up and headed to the backyard where his Papa has built a sandbox. Under the tan umbrella, is an array of bright colored plastic sand toys…

Prayer Requests: Can we pray for you?

by Teri

At Waterfall, we know the value of prayer. We would love to pray for you. Please post your prayer request here. That way, not only will we be praying for you, but others can come along, see your request and join you in prayer as well.

Why I Can’t Sleep at Night

by Teri
can't sleep 1220x480shutterstock_197134712

What’s really bugging you? What’s shoved down deep during the day but tends to creep up and wake you at 3:00 am?

If I Have To Do This One More Time…

by Teri

If I have to do this one more time, I think I might go insane. Feel like you’re a hamster wheel? Over and over and over. What vicious cycle has you stuck in a rut?

I Just Don’t Understand Why

by Teri

Do you struggle with why? Why it happened? Why you? Why now? When it just doesn’t make sense… What’s muddying the waters in your soul?

I’m Sooo Angry!

by Teri
imsoangry1220x4810shutterstock_272600855 (1)

Are you struggling with unresolved anger? You want to punch someone, but of course that’s not an option. Why are you so angry and what do you do with all those explosive emotions?