When you think about a place you can go to get refreshed and recharged, a place to get away from it all…from the distractions and problems that pull at you each day, it’s our hope that you will think of Waterfall.

Waterfall is an organization created to provide you with encouragement and resources to help you when you hit those tough places in life. When you feel exhausted, overloaded, burned out or just plain weary. It’s also for those who have perhaps reached a point in their lives where they have given up hope…hope that anyone really cares or that it could ever be any different than it’s always been. For those discouraged or heavy hearted.

The skeptics are welcome here too. All we ask is that you visit with an open mind and heart. Perhaps it’s not what you think…

And above all, it’s our hope that when you leave our site, you will leave different than when you arrived; refreshed and encouraged that this life you’ve been given is more than just one day and this journey is more than the moment you are in.

Come to the Waterfall…it’s waiting just for you.

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