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Need to hear a little good news for a change? Check out what others are doing to make a positive difference.

Everyone’s Got One

by Teri

Everyone has something to say.  Everyone’s got their opinion.  You’ve got yours.  I’ve got mine. Today with social media, we are barraged with voices clamoring for our attention.  Look at me!  Listen to what I have to say!  Its overwhelming to say the least.  Add to that, our already crammed schedules, and we find there’s…

Touching Story about Community, Forgiveness & Restoration

by Teri

Touching story about community, forgiveness & restoration. Barber Jon’s Barber Shop  GOD IS AMAZING! How bout a miracle most of what was stolen was returned in boxes left behind the barber shop ,I’m in awe this is what happens when a community pours out love collectively great things happen also forgiveness for who ever did…

Aid for Victims of Sex Trafficking (click here for video)

by Teri

Break Free is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising public awareness and funds to aid victims of  this horrific crime.  Recently changing their name from Run For Courage (the previous name of their annual and highly successful fundraising run) – the organization is now proudly named Break Free – a name that encompasses the hope…