Hi Guys-

DEEP waters is going to be found on the blog page on WaterfallLive.com (and also on our Facebook page.)  I’m gonna challenge you to go DEEP!  The questions will be thought provoking and I’d really appreciate your comments, thoughts and feedback on any given topic.  After all, everything about Waterfall is there just for YOU!

If I manage to stay on track, I’ll post a new “DEEP waters” about once a week – maybe less, maybe more.  It will all depend on what kind of feedback we get and how interested you are in it.

With that being said, I hope you’ll jump in with your thoughts and comments.  But even more, I hope that you won’t use it for a place to debate your side, but rather that you’ll grab some food for thought and chew on it a bit, pondering the post before commenting.  Let’s not just be giving any knee jerk reactions.

We don’t know what we don’t know. DEEP Waters is designed in tiny increments to gently challenge us in the ordinary day to day arena of our lives, you know… where we live – where we think and how we feel. If we’ll stop and pay attention, sometimes we’ll find that we have deep rooted thoughts and emotions or behaviors we don’t even realize aren’t grounded in truth.  Some of these thoughts and behaviors have very long roots stemming from our childhood.  Pain, negative situations even simple misunderstandings all play a part in how these seeds were sown in us.  We do things we don’t even realize we are doing – we’ve just never stopped to question the why.  Now, if you’re willing, it’s time to do just that!

So, you ready to jump in?  Great!  Let’s do it together.

Love you guys – Can’t wait to hear from you, too.

Now, let’s go DEEP!

xo- Teri