Everyone has something to say.  Everyone’s got their opinion.  You’ve got yours.  I’ve got mine.

Today with social media, we are barraged with voices clamoring for our attention.  Look at me!  Listen to what I have to say!  Its overwhelming to say the least.  Add to that, our already crammed schedules, and we find there’s little time to spend perusing other’s written ideas.  We can’t even collect our own thoughts half the time, let alone someone else’s!

Still. everywhere we turn online, personal blogs saturate.  In this selfie loving world, it’s more than I can take sometimes.  I find that I don’t have the energy to try to decipher what’s necessary and what’s fluff among the countless columns.  I’ve certainly never wanted to add to that look at me craziness.  As a result, Waterfall’s website and blog have stayed on the down low.  I don’t want to be pushy – in anyone’s face.

Yet, I’m being told, that somewhere, someone would be encouraged by the few words I might string together.  Thoughts inside me ask to be placed on the screen so that another might pick them up and take them home.  Those thoughts compel me to write.

The one thing that holds me back, however, is the fact that I’m nothing more than a drop in the ocean.  How would that one soul, who might be encouraged from what I would write, ever find me anyway, in this vast internet sea?  Still, this doesn’t seem to be a good enough excuse not to try…

Waterfall was born for this reason.  I launched this site as a little beacon for lone boats – those who find themselves drifting farther than they’d planned.   For those who feel a little lost, like I have, I want to throw a line.  Some of us just need a tug, a rope of encouragement directed our way.  That’s why WaterfallLive.com exits.

With all sincerity I promise you, my writing is not for self promotion. (That’s why it’s a little difficult to find my name right away on the site.)  The thought of making it all about me is terrifying.  No, my motivator from the start was and is and will continue to be – YOU.  The reader.  What moves me to write is this: On my darkest days, I found that there were others who had walked before me and had been kind enough to leave a trail of words for me to follow.  Hope and encouragement lit my way.   I want to now do the same for you.  That’s it.  And that’s more than enough.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to begin posting more consistently on Waterfall’s blog .  I’ve not been good about it up to this point, simply because, as I said above, with a million voices out there, why or how would you listen to mine?

Everyone has an opinion, yes.  Every life also has a story.  Our stories are important.

I am only one.

But, it’s my hope, when you’re having one of those days, you’ll come to Waterfall.  When you feel discouraged and forgotten, the words I’ve left here for you will give you just a little more to hang onto.  When you feel lost, I want to remind you that you’re not alone.  I want to be here for you… just like someone was for me.

I’m stringing the words together now.  Grab on.