Five for Five

Welcome to Five for Five

Find a quiet place for just 5 minutes a day… that’s all it takes for this weekly personal journey toward change.

Each week starts with a short inspirational story and leads to a new reflective question to ponder each day.  Designed to challenge you to look a little deeper inside, these sessions will grow you in an amazing way.

Five for Five Helpful Hints:

  • Be Deliberate:  Dedicate a specific 5 minute time slot consistently each day.
  • Location Matters:  Choose a place with the least amount of interruptions (even if it’s the bathroom!).
  • Leave a Paper Trail:  Have a pen and something to write on always available for this time. By jotting down your inner responses to what you read here each day, you will actually be documenting your journey to look back on and will see how far you’ve come!
  • Be Honest!  The reflection time isn’t about giving your “right” answer.  It’s about giving your real answer.
  • Pray:  I recommend a simple prayer before you begin each session, asking to learn what you need to learn.
  • Just Say No:  Give yourself permission to block out all other thoughts and interruptions for this daily five minutes. If something important comes to mind, jot it down to deal with after you’re done, then go right back to focusing on the study.



I have a new scar on my back. It starts at my spine and shoots straight across and doesn’t stop till it hits my waist. A thin red line that tells the truth – the very real story that cancer can be lurking anywhere on anyone at any time. Even though I felt just fine, it was there – below the surface and I had no [...]


According to a popular online dictionary site, the word worn is described as a past participle of the word wear.  It means: diminished in value or usefulness through wear, use, handling, etc.; to be wearied; exhausted. Are you feeling worn? I’ve felt that way during many seasons in my life.  Worn. Tired.  Exhausted. Overwhelmed.  I didn’t know the exact point I’d arrived in that condition, but [...]

Out of the Darkness

Rustic quaint cabins nestled next to the river was the perfect place to spend a weekend with close friends. That sunny day stretched long and lazy as we sat perched in our folding chairs, sipping cold soda from the ice chest and watching the kids splash in ankle deep play at the river’s edge. Good friends, family time and beautiful scenery…all the elements of a perfect day.