1220shutterstock_210119989Faith?  God?  Prayer?  Where Do I Begin?

If you secretly have questions regarding having faith in God, you are definitely not alone.  The truth is, many people have never been taught anything about God, about how to pray, or about who Jesus actually is and why He is so important in our life. Sadly, some have been taught information about God, but taught incorrectly, thus causing fear and confusion about having a relationship with Him.

Waterfall is here to help you as you seek.   We want to be a safe place as you take that first step, providing you resources to explore in your own time, in a way that feels comfortable to you.  Feel free to browse the topics here in any order that appeals to you.

Our entire lives we are learning more about our Creator, ourselves and our relationship with Him and others.  Don’t feel overwhelmed if you are just embarking on this journey.  Get excited.  You are about step into the most important, life changing decision you will ever make!

 We celebrate you…..

Welcome, we’re so glad you’re here.

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