This is a 3-part DVD series.

It’s Not What You Think is a three-part DVD series based on Romans 12:2.  It’s designed to challenge you to re-think some of the thought patterns and beliefs you may have held for years.  Negative words and wrong information given to us, especially when we’re young can harmfully shape the way we think and process later in life.  This distorted thinking can leave us defeated, discouraged, and tempted to give up.

If you are a believer in Christ, He promises you freedom and joy, even in the midst of trials, you can be an overcomer.  But how?  This mini-series helps answer that question.

Each DVD includes a Reflective Session for personal reflection and growth.  The questions are designed to help you unlock and locate some of the lies you may have unknowingly tucked away over the years.

Use this series on your own, or with a small group.