Hi!  I’m Teri.

I’m the founder and creator of Waterfalllive.com.  I’m also David’s wife and  mom to our four grown kids and two awesome son-in-laws.  The cutest grandbabies on the planet call me Nana.  I hope that soon you’ll call me friend.

A love for writing has led me to become a published author (and speaker as well.)  Several years ago, I launched the organization – Waterfall.  It was birthed out of a tough season in my life when I’d hit rock bottom.  I found myself looking for a safe place online that would speak to my troubled heart without asking anything in return. I wanted to clear the clutter – cut straight through to simple words pointing me to simple faith.  A place that offered me hope without tying strings to my connection – a place without plastic promises and donate buttons.

So, I decided to make the site I’d hoped to find back then.  A place for the times in life when our flame has dimmed to a flicker and we feel we’re burning out.  A place where it’s ok to ask hard questions, or just get something off your chest.  A place to go for prayer.

I hope Waterfall is that place for you.

Most of what you’ll find here I’ve written, personally gathering from my own experiences.   You’ll also find a few linked references from those who’ve inspired me along the way.

I feel it’s important to let you know I am not a licensed therapist or counselor, nor do I in any way pretend to be.  I’m just a fellow sojourner sharing my own stories hoping to encourage and inspire you in yours.

So come weary heart.  Your questions and your doubts are welcome here.