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What If?

by Teri

Worry, anxiety and fear are crippling emotions that can stop us in our tracks, bullying us and keeping us from the life we’re meant to be living. Do you have issues with worry, fear, dread, anxiety or panic? How do you manage these bullies in your life?

Choices – When it seems you have none.

by Teri

Check out Waterfall’s first TOUGH STUFF video.  Ellen shares about her journey out of one of the darkest seasons of her life.  It began with a simple choice and ended up better than she ever imagined. Click on link below:  

Out of the Darkness

by admin

Rustic quaint cabins nestled next to the river was the perfect place to spend a weekend with close friends. That sunny day stretched long and lazy as we sat perched in our folding chairs, sipping cold soda from the ice chest and watching the kids splash in ankle deep play at the river’s edge. Good friends, family time and beautiful scenery…all the elements of a perfect day.